Residential AC Services in Placer County, CA

Are you ready for the summer heat? If so, make sure your AC is as well. If you live in Placer County, CA, contact JR Putman Heating and Air for residential AC services today.

What Does Your AC System Need?

Every AC system operates differently due to a variety of factors, including the system’s age, the home it cools, and the condition it might be in. Therefore, we take a personalized approach to your AC’s needs.

For example, is your AC newer? While you should always give it a tune-up, it might simply need a filter replacement. We’ll look over it thoroughly just to ensure your newer AC has everything it needs for good summer cooling.

Perhaps you have an older AC. These units might be fine or have some issues that need to be taken care of. We can address those with an annual tune-up or repair them as you notice them. For example, older AC units might require a part replacement, refrigerant leak repair, or evaporator coil repair. Or, if your older AC system has started to falter altogether, we can provide a complete replacement.

And we don’t just service central AC systems. We also are well-versed in handling heat pumps and ductless mini-split systems as well. No matter what cooling system you have, depend on us for quality service.

If you’re ready for superior residential air conditioning services, get in touch today at 916-638-2442 or online.