Proudly serving the Sacramento area since 1981
Our Story

Our Story in Sacramento, California

Our Story

Since 1981 our goal at JR Putman has been to raise the bar for Plumbing, Heating and Air services in the Greater Sacramento Area. The challenge was how to convey this to our community in just a few words. Years ago, we set out to solve this issue.

We began to list all the things that made us different and better…….

  • Service Technicians are paid zero commission on the parts needed to fix your Plumbing, Heating or Air Systems. 

Why? We feel the only motivation a Technician should have when repairing a system is the fact they are helping people in their time of need. This is why we pay our Technicians a great wage and provide excellent benefits for them and their families. This eliminates any issues of our clients being sold parts they don’t need.

  • All of our employees arebackground checked, drug tested and professionally trained. We are certified through a third party national organization called “Technician Seal of Safety”.  


Why? We feel as a Service Company it is important to take responsibility for our employees and assure our community that every JR Putman Team Member entering your home is safe and professional. This is why we send a full biography with a photo of your technician before they arrive.

  • No Overtime Rates for Nights and Weekends. 

Why? In our industry it is known that most people need our services outside of regular business hours. That’s why we are available 7 days a week at no additional charge. On top of that we also have reliable straight forward pricing! Meaning we charge for the job not per hour.

The challenge remained to summarize who we are in just a few words. Dozens of ideas were thrown out and discussed over time. One evening we were determined to solve this and decided to go back to basics and ask ourselves “in all the years we’ve been in business, what is it that has carried us through this far”?

Of course, the answer was “our clients”. What we found was that most of our clients found us through word of mouth from folks that used our service in the past and recommended us to co-workers, friends, family members, even their own MOM.

At that moment, we realized you don’t send just anyone to your mom’s home. You send a reliable trustworthy company, who you are confident will treat your mom just as you would.

So, what summarizes JR Putman Plumbing, Heating and Air in just a few words?

“Service so good, you’ll send us to your MOM’S!”

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