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Contractors For a Cause

Contractors for a Cause in Sacramento, California

How We Give Back

The Beginning

This is the beginning of a story that hopefully doesn’t have an ending. We have always been a very philanthropic-minded company and have done many one-off charity events over the years and had the opportunity to help many people.

We realized a long time ago that the pride and satisfaction our team gets from giving back to the community is priceless and a driving force that motivates us to want to do more. Recently we had an idea — what if we take our passion for philanthropy to the next level and try something new to us and possibly new to our industry as a whole?

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The Idea

Our Mission

Our mission is to work for something bigger than us and incorporate a cause into our everyday practices.

Our Action

Service club memberships are the lifeblood of any successful service company. Since 1981, we have been fortunate enough to earn the business of thousands of our members in the Greater Sacramento area.

For every monthly payment our clients make toward their service club membership, we are donating $1 per payment, or $12 a year per client. With this partnership we will have the ability to provide a steady residual flow of revenue to our cause that will grow year after year simultaneously with our memberships.

Our Message

Small businesses make up over 99 percent of the businesses in the United States, and contractors make up a great number of those. Imagine the impact if every contractor gave back to their community just a portion of what their community gives to them. What would the effect be? How many children would be helped? How many people would have roofs over their heads or food to eat? How many cures could be found? How many dreams would come true?  

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