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Keep Your Home Warm during Winter

The winter season is the time to be thinking of the most efficient ways of keeping your house warm. Instead of keeping that heater on there are a lot of ways to keep that bill down.

JR Putman Heating and Air advises on a number of ways that are tailor-made to keep your house warm while the cold weather persists. Having been there for long enough to devise various ways of keeping your house warm, their skilled team of technicians knows all that pertain warm during winter.

  1. You must, firstly, ensure that your furnace is up and running to avoid any difficulties during the cold season. If by bad luck it calls for urgent repairs, JR Putman Heating and Air is at your service. They do furnace repair services at surprisingly low costs, ensuring that it offers that much-needed services during the winter.  More
  2. You can keep your house’s curtains wide open for more heating while the sun is shining as well. Remember that the overall warm of your house especially at night depends on the positioning of the furnace. Once it has been repaired, keep it as close to the internal wall as possible so that the walls can absorb and retain the heat, thereby keeping the entire house warm.
  3. Rug up your bare floor to keep your house warm double up your curtains for another layer of insulation or only use an adequate piece of aluminum foil to cover your home’s windows and keep the house warm. Additionally, cover up the key hole so that no heat is lost when the house is warm.
  4. JR Putman Heating and Air being a HVAC systems expert will also offer affordable heating tune-up and heater safety check services to keep your heater on point while the cold persists. Additionally our solar panels are made to last and can be of great benefit during the day too.

In fact, for all your questions, you can contact JR Putman for seasonal Heating and AC tune-ups to keep your system at top efficiency. We are arguably the best when it comes to solar solutions, home heating and air conditioning services as well as regular repairs services.

JR Putman Heating and Air isn’t your average heating and air conditioning specialist, rather it is what the community wants. Reputable expertise, friendly staff, competitive price, active and caring in our local community; and of course, service so good –you’ll send us to your moms!

Indoor Cleaning Tips

It has always been known that keeping your house tidy goes a long way in reducing the chances of having allergens by a substantial margin. Dust is considered the most potent allergen as it often triggers a ferocious allergic reaction in the body. Its removal, therefore, should be done with utmost caution, especially when an allergy sufferer is doing the cleaning.

When all the substances that you are allergic to have been removed, allergies will seldom attack translating that you will lead a comfortable life. JR Putman Heating and Air solutions experts have many years of experience dealing with house cleaning especially getting on the roof and cleaning the gutters.

Specifically dealing with repairs and maintenance, their services are top-quality while their rates are among the best compared to any other out there. They comprise a team of qualified and skilled personnel who offer maintenance and invaluable advice concerning the general condition of your house. They have formulated several indoor tips that allergy sufferers ought to practice while doing their daily chores.

Indoor Cleaning Tips

  1. Having all the filters of your home’s heating and air system regularly changed as well as ensuring that your house’s ducts are cleaned will significantly cut down on the presence of any allergens in the air inside the house. Dirty air is often the greatest recipe for that severe allergic reaction and with a dirty air filter on your appliances, you aren’t safe.
  2. While indoors, it’s highly prudent to use a vacuum cleaner that has HEPA filter to do the cleaning. It’s mainly vital using one at least once a week since some allergens are too tiny to be absorbed by the machine hence passing through the filter and shooting straight to the nostrils.
  3. Additionally, a mask while cleaning is often recommended for every cleaner. Dirty hair is full of tiny and invisible dust particles including pollen grains and with a mask, you are safer since you won’t be breathing them in.
  4. However, since it can be unrealistic doing away with your entire house’s rugs and carpets, regular washing is essential to keeping allergens at bay as well. A damp cloth used to mob your house also traps the allergens, thereby eliminating them inside the house. It can be rewarding avoiding any strongly scented cleaning agents and detergents.
  5. When pollen falls, water channels hold them thereby entering the room. JR Putman Heating and air are excellent in replacing aged filters as well, a feat that has earned them trust and a great reputation.

When you contact JR Putman for service and ask if it’s time filter change, you can be confident that you aren’t taking a gamble. They know their job and as always, they’ll give their best. For unmatched air indoor quality, JR Putman Heating and Air experts are your valuable partner.


Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Furnace Buying Guide

Furnace Buying Guide

A Mom Approved buying guide from JR Putman

When the chilly cold winter season knocks, any home heating equipment suddenly becomes necessary, including that silent furnace. While any average individual will sit waiting for the winter, a wise person will prepare early, acquiring that better yet affordable and high-efficiency furnace to heat their house. Thankfully, there are a lot of reputable furnace dealers out there today.

A new furnace is a great investment, especially when chosen carefully as it is probably a lifetime investment. A common problem while trying to find the best furnace, however, is that almost everyone does not know the essential features of a central furnace. With a furnace buying guide, you are confident of acquiring a reliable heater.

Fuel Source

When it comes to determining that great furnace for your home, you must be well aware that there is gas, electric and oil heating furnaces. If your house’s temperatures often drop beyond zero, then gas furnaces are your perfect match. They are not only economical but also run by natural gas. The bulk of our furnaces we supply are gas.

Whereas they are often smaller and easy to manage, electric furnaces can be costly to maintain because of the massive electric bills once the winter season is over. However, they are an excellent alternative because of their reliability besides not being cumbersome.

Installation Quality

When installing a new furnace, it can be detrimental compromising quality. A poorly installed furnace might not function properly leading to extra expenses and safety issues. Remember that unlike any other task, installing a furnace calls for only the skilled, an attribute that those dealing in furnace sales are fond of.

Fuel Pricing

It’s particularly true that acquiring a new furnace will take a massive chunk of your cash. However, remember that once it has been brought, it must run and depending on the selected type, you will have to incur the cost of fuel.

Today’s furnaces including those offered by JR Putman Heating and Air contact JR Putman have been modified to be economical, a reason to upgrade to today’s. You can contact JR Putman Heating and Air contact JR Putman for seasonal specials on new Furnaces and installation today.


With a new furnace, its performance must be unquestionable. Before buying one, it is advisable to compare each one’s performance including using its past and present users’ reviews. Furnaces are known to be not only costly but difficult to repair and replace. You shouldn’t take a gamble, rather go for the best.

Furnace Buying Guide: Other Important Buying Guidelines Include

  • If it has a furnace blower to distribute the heated air inside the house
  • Its price, size, and warranty
  • Its incentives compared to its size

If you are thinking of replacing your furnace, there may be specials, rebates or other sales incentives available. Contact us at JR Putman today for more information and a friendly consultation!

Keeping Warm During Winter.

The Five Most Common Furnace and Heating Problems

JR Putman Plumbing Heating & Air

Here are the top five problems JR Putman and the HVAC industry have identified that may cause your furnace or heating equipment to break down:

For JR Putman’s $69 Heating Tune-up & Safety check, SUBMIT A SERVICE REQUEST

  1. Thermostat malfunctions

    Your furnace’s thermostat is the device that controls and determines when heat is to be produced and how much. Problems with your thermostat can result in no heat, no fan to force the hot air through your home, or intermittent heat, which result in comfort problems.

  2. Air flow problems

    The air flow in your home can be compromised by problems from your system’s fan motors, belts and bearings, and if not maintained or repaired, can cause furnace overheating and poor control of your heating. Aging or failing Ducts can also compromise the airflow in your home as well.

  3. Dirty or clogged filters

    Regular replacement of the filter is very important to extend the life and efficiency of your furnace. A dirty filter will restrict the airflow, making your unit work much harder to circulate warm air through your home. This puts unnecessary strain on your furnace and can create comfort problems.

  4. Furnace or heating system pilot or ignition control problems

    Among several mechanical failures, your furnace’s ignition control could be malfunctioning causing intermittent or no heat. In today’s systems there are usually two types of ignition systems- a Hot Surface Ignition or an Intermittent Pilot.

  5. Lack of maintenance

    The most common cause for Heating or Furnace problems is lack of maintenance. Avoiding regular maintenance can cause unexpected breakdowns, poor comfort and increased energy costs. Proper, regular maintenance from a NATE-certified JR Putman Technician, can quickly diagnose problems, often before they become more costly down the road! During JR Putman’s $69 Heating Tune-up and safety check (or during one of our Money-saving Maintenance plan tune-ups), all components are checked and tuned so they operate correctly and at peak efficiency. Important items like Carbon Monoxide checks, adequate combustion air, equipment clearances, and equipment safety are also key elements to keep your home warm, and your family safe from carbon monoxide leakage.

The safety of your family during the heating season is a top priority at JR Putman! Furnaces of any age may pose safety hazards from combustion or gases, particularly if a NATE-certified technician has not maintained the equipment regularly. Contact us for a SERVICE APPOINTMENT today!

Furnace Buying Guide

Benefits of a new furnace

Benefits of a new furnace

Similar to any other gadget, there will come a time when you’ll have to replace your old and obsolete furnace for a new one. In spite of a furnace being among those pricey items in your household, it can be a great energy saver and subsequently a good income saver. The most recent furnaces are highly economical and are made with the latest technology that guarantees years of usefulness and unmatched reliability.

Before you can contact JR Putman for seasonal specials on new Furnaces and installation of a new furnace, there is a myriad of benefits that even surpass the price of acquiring and installing one. A new furnace brings along a sense of tested efficiency, meaning that your heating system will comprise an aura of confidence and reliability. Unlike an aging furnace, its internal components are still fresh and will operate with no hitch and will probably take years to experience any glitches that can threaten its usefulness.

Great Performer

With age, your old furnace will most likely reduce its house warming capabilities, resulting in reduced performance. However, a new furnace still has all its features intact and will be automatically giving its best. Cold during the chilly winter period will be a thing of the past.

No Need for Repairs

Over the recent past, furnace sales have significantly increased primarily because of the high level of technology employed in their construction. A brand new furnace requires no repairs since it is still operating at its best, unlike an aging one that requires servicing to work effectively. It’s beneficial owning a new furnace as there is no times spent looking for a furnace expert to check its working as well as any cash spent on its repairs.


Whereas a new furnace equals saving money, it is, without a doubt, safer than an old one. JR Putman, who deals in newer and tested to the brink furnaces, agrees that safety of a brand furnace is guaranteed by its well-oiled parts and its top quality materials. An old one will unsurprisingly keep breaking down with higher chances of injuries in case it bursts while working.

Environmentally Acceptable

During the onset of the computer age, virtually everything released is tested to ensure that works well for the environment. With substantially reduced rates of fuel consumption, newer furnaces are what today’s world requires. Besides being environmentally friendly with little or no harmful fumes, they are made to help conserve the environment by utilizing other wastes; they are made of recycled materials.

Other Benefits

  • Extended warranties
  • Peaceful and reliable
  • Durable and flexible
  • Less expensive

If you think it’s time to replace your furnace, contact JR Putman today for a friendly consultation. There are often manufacturer incentives, and seasonal sales that can save you money.

Buying Guide

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Office of Information and Public Affairs
Washington, DC 20207

Originally issued July 9, 2001, Last Revised July 11, 2006
Release # 01-189  Furnace Recall Hotline: (877) 347-6456
CPSC Consumer Hotline: (800) 638-2772
CPSC Media Contact: Ken Giles, (301) 504-7052

Note: model number added and settlement of private litigation announced. Opportunity for remedy from litigation for the Consolidated, Premier, Addison and Weatherking brands only has expired. CPSC Announces Recall of Furnaces in California

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is announcing a recall of about 30,000 furnaces sold in California. Seven firms are offering to repair or replace certain furnaces, which were sold under their own labels, but were manufactured by Consolidated Industries Inc. The units involved are gas-fired horizontal furnaces equipped with steel “NOx” rods installed above the burners and are commonly called NOx rod furnaces. These furnaces pose a substantial risk of fire.

CPSC has received 50 reports of fires associated with the 140,000 horizontal furnaces manufactured by Consolidated Industries Inc. No injuries have been reported.

All the furnaces can be identified by the steel rods installed above the burners. The firms participating in this recall are Amana Company, L.P., of Amana, Iowa; Bard Manufacturing, of Bryan, Ohio; Carrier Corporation, of Syracuse, N.Y.; Goettl Air Conditioning Inc., of Phoenix, Ariz.; Goodman Manufacturing Company L.P., of Houston, Texas; Heat Controller Inc., of Jackson, Mich.; and The Trane Company, a division of American Standard Inc., of Tyler, Texas.

Private labels sold these furnaces in California under the following brand names and model numbers, which are written on a label on an outside panel of the furnace.

Amana Company Amana GSE50DN3X, GSE75DN3X, GSE100DN5X
Bard Manufacturing Bard ESG040D36B, ESG050D36B, ESG060D36B
ESG060D48B, ESG080D60B, ESG100D60B
ESG120D60B, ESG140D60B, ESG050D36D
ESG060D48D, ESG075D48D, ESG080D60D
ESG100D60D, ISG060D36AX, ISG080D48AX
ISG100D60AX, ISG120D60AX
Carrier Corporation Sunburst by Carrier Southern California HAC 040N(D,E, or F)3RXC
HAC 050N(D,E, or F)5RXC
HAC 060N(D,E, or F)4RXC
HAC 075N(D,E, or F)4RXC
HAC 080N(D,E, or F)5RXC
HAC 100N(D,E, or F)5RXC
Goettl Air Conditioning Inc. American Best Goettl  HAC 040N(D,E, or F)3RCX
HAC 050N(D,E, or F)3RCX
HAC 040N(D,E, or F)3RXD
HAC 050N(D,E, or F)3RXD
HAC 040N(D,E, or F)3RXC
HAC 050N(D,E, or F)3RXC
HAC 060N(D,E, or F)4RXC
HAC 075N(D,E, or F)4RXC
HAC 080N(D,E, or F)5RXC
HAC 100N(D,E, or F)5RXC
HCC 040N(D,E, or F)3RX
HCC 050N(D,E, or F)3RX
HCC 060N(D,E, or F)4RX
HCC 075N(D,E, or F)4RX
HCC 100N(D,E, or F)5RX
HBA 040N(D,E, or F)3RX
HBA 060N(D,E, or F)3RX
HBA 080N(D,E, or F)4RX
HBA 100N(D,E, or F)5RX
HBA 120N(D,E, or F)5RX
Goodman Manufacturing Company Franklin Electric
Hamilton Electric
HBA 040 ND 3(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HBA 060 ND 3(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HBA 080 ND 4(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HBA 100 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HBA 120 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCA 040 ND 3(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCA 060 ND 3(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCA 080 ND 4(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCA 100 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCA 120 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCA 140 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCC 040 ND 3(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCC 050 ND 3(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCC 060 ND 4(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCC 075 ND 4(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCC 080 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC)
HCC 100 ND 5(X, RX, XC or RXC)
Heat Controller Inc. Comfort-Aire GSH40-T3N-X, GSH50-T3N-X
GSH60-T4N-X, GSH75-T4N-X
GSH80-T5N-X, GSH100-T5N-X
The Trane Company Trane American Standard THN050A936A, THN060A948A
THN075A948A, THN100A960A

Home, hardware and specialty stores, and independent contractors sold these furnaces in California from January 1983 through December 1992 for about $2,000.

CPSC issued a safety alert warning about these furnaces in September 2000. Consolidated Industries (formerly Premier Furnace Co.), which was liquidated under Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws, manufactured approximately 140,000 of these furnaces for sale in California between 1983 and 1994 under many different brand names. About 110,000 of these furnaces were manufactured and distributed under the Premier/Consolidated labels. They include the brand names Consolidated, Premier, Addison, and Weatherking. They are not covered by this recall program. After Consolidated filed for bankruptcy, class action was pursued, and a settlement was ultimately reached in early 2002. However, claimants were required to file a claim by January 13, 2003. Potential claimants who missed the deadline have no remedy available. Even though no remedy is available, CPSC staff believes that the Consolidated, Premier, Addison, and Weatherking furnaces are defective and should be replaced or repaired.

These furnaces are normally installed in attics, although some may be installed in crawl spaces. The great majority of these furnaces were installed in homes in California. Some, however, were installed in home in Nevada, near the California border.

The Commission is warning consumers to have their gas-fired furnaces inspected by a licensed heating contractor to determine whether the furnaces are subject to this safety alert. The contractor also should determine whether the burners and/or heat exchangers of units are damaged, or whether wood under or near the furnaces shows signs of damage, such as charring or blackening. If this is the case, the furnace should be replaced immediately or repaired.

Consolidated or Premier furnaces with model numbers starting “HAC”, “HBA”, “HCA”, or “HCC” and ending with an “X” in the last three characters (e.g. X, RX, RXC, RXD) and Addison Products Company Addison and Weatherking furnaces models beginning with “GHC” and ending in either “CC” or “DX” are included in this safety alert.

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