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When to Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

Even if your air conditioning seems in tip-top shape now, it probably won’t serve you forever — a time will come when you need to upgrade the system. You need to know when this time comes so you don’t continue to run an AC that is due for an upgrade. Learn some signs that you should upgrade your AC.

The AC Is Old

Even the best air conditioners get old. Replace your AC when it hits its finish day. Constant on and off cycles, material deterioration due to fluctuating temperatures, expansion and contraction, and other things contribute to an AC’s overall decline with age.

The number of years an AC can serve you depend on various factors such as how well you maintain the AC, how often you use the AC, what the climate in your area is, and what the quality of the AC is, among other things. Most ACs last between 10 to 15 years. Therefore, start to plan for your system’s replacement when your AC hits the decade mark.

The AC Is Inefficient

The efficiency of cooling systems is constantly on the increase. Newer models are often much more efficient as compared to older models. The efficiency of an AC is the amount of cooling the unit can affect per unit energy. The United States Department of Energy (DOE) measures the efficiency of ACs through Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER).

The SEER is a measure of the energy an AC will use to cool a house in a year. For current systems, the SEER numbers range from 13 to 25, where 13 is the least inefficient and 25 is the most efficient system. Unfortunately, some older units have SEER ratings as low as 6. If you have such a unit in your house, replace the unit even if it seems to run without hitches.

The AC No Longer Cools the House

The primary function of an AC is to cool a house so the house’s inhabitants can have comfortable temperatures. Therefore, an AC that no longer provides the required cooling is useless. Of course, an AC may experience reduced cooling capabilities due to malfunctions that you can fix. In such a case, fix the system to continue its use.

However, replace an old AC that has lost its ability to cool the house. You should also replace an AC that is too damaged to cool your house.

The AC Requires Frequent Repairs

You should also consider an AC upgrade if the current one cannot function for a few weeks without a malfunction. A cooling system with frequent breakdowns has probably outlived its useful life. Such a diagnosis is even more likely to be spot-on if the AC is old.

If a couple of months ago you replaced the condensing unit coil, last week you dealt with a refrigerant leak, and this week the compressor is broken down — these are some of the most expensive malfunctions an AC can suffer. In the end, you are better off with a replacement unit that won’t trouble you as much.

You Have Home Additions

Lastly, your house may also need an AC upgrade if you have added some rooms to your house and increased its square footage. Technicians designed your current cooling system to match the needs of your house at that point in time.

When you increase the square footage, the original design won’t serve your house adequately. You need a bigger AC system that can cool and move enough air to benefit your entire house. Otherwise, your house won’t cool fast enough, your AC will overwork, and you may even experience uneven cooling in the house.

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