Does the New Year Call for a New Heating System?

3 Things to Know Before Investing in a New Heater

Winter is here, so if homeowners are dealing with a faulty heating system, now is the time to invest in a new one. The last thing anyone wants is to deal with a broken heater in the dead of winter! Several signs show up when a heater is about to go out, which will be listed below. Continue reading to learn helpful information for determining if a home needs a new heater, the options, and how to keep a new one running smoothly. 

Signs a New Heater is Needed

Just like any other system in the home, the heater will start to show signs when it’s time for a replacement. Here are the signs that it’s time for a new heater installation: 

  • The heater won’t turn on
  • It is blowing out cold air
  • The heater is running all day but not warming the home
  • It makes loud noises when it runs
  • It only works sometimes
  • It experiences frequent breakdowns 
  • It needs frequent repairs

If the heater is loud, not working correctly, or not working at all, these are all urgent signs that need to be dealt with the moment a homeowner notices them. 

Choose the Right Heater heater

When it comes to heating systems, there are several options available that come with their own pros and cons. Heat pumps are a popular choice as they are widely regarded as being more energy efficient than traditional furnaces. While heat pumps may require higher up-front costs, they can save homeowners money in the long run by significantly reducing monthly energy bills. 

On the other hand, furnaces are often cheaper to install initially but may be less energy efficient in comparison and therefore cost more to operate long-term. Heat pumps can also provide both cooling and heating and are better for the environment since they do not emit harmful fumes like gas furnaces. However, they are not ideal for colder climates as they may not be able to adequately warm homes in temperatures below freezing. 

Ultimately, homeowners must weigh their options carefully when considering which type of heating system is best for their home. Various factors such as climate, budget, and energy efficiency must be considered. HVAC technicians can also help homeowners make the right decision.

Maintenance is the Key to Longevity!

maintaining Maintenance is the number one way to ensure homeowners get the most out of their heaters. Professionals recommend that homeowners have professional maintenance done twice a year, once for the heater and once for the AC. Not maintaining a heater can lead to costly issues. Without regular maintenance, a heater may break down unexpectedly, leading to expensive repairs or even replacement costs. 

Heating maintenance is an essential part of keeping a home comfortable and safe. Regular maintenance helps keep a heating system functioning properly and extends its life. It can also save homeowners money on energy costs since a well-maintained heater will run more efficiently than one that isn’t maintained. 

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How to Get the HVAC System Fall-Ready

Prepare For the Fall Season

As fall approaches, homeowners should take action to get their heating systems ready for fall. Homeowners are much less likely to encounter costly repairs or replacements if they are proactive and prepared for the fall season. With these tips on properly maintaining their heating and cooling systems, homeowners may be able to detect issues before they become serious and can keep their systems running smoothly.

Why is Maintenance Necessary?

maintenance Some homeowners are hesitant to allocate their hard-earned money to maintain the heating and air conditioning, especially if no problems have been noticed. However, HVAC tune-ups save homeowners money and headaches in the long run. It’s recommended to have a qualified technician perform maintenance twice a year, once in the spring for the AC before temperatures rise and once in the fall for the heater before temperatures drop. 

Routine maintenance by a professional provides several advantages. Tune-ups will help guarantee that the HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency. Particles of dust and debris will accumulate in every system over time, reducing the comfort and energy efficiency of the house. This accumulation will also reduce the airflow and can cause significant wear and tear on the system, reducing its lifespan. 

HVAC system failure is a nightmare that’s preventable with regular maintenance. One of the biggest problems with a system failure is that it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time. HVAC maintenance can reduce the likelihood of system failure when it’s needed the most. When problems go unaddressed for extended periods, the entire system suffers, but maintenance gives professionals a chance to catch and fix issues before they get worse. 

The Benefits of Routinely Replacing Air Filters

filter Air filters are one of the most effective ways homeowners can keep the air in their houses clean and improve indoor air quality. Air filters help catch dust, grime, pollen, and other particles that otherwise would have entered the system and been recirculated in the air. 

Air filters are excellent at trapping dirt, dust, pollen, pet hair, and other particles in the air that might impair breathing and trigger allergy symptoms. They don’t, however, last forever. When the filter gets clogged, airflow is limited, and the HVAC system’s efficiency can suffer. Most experts recommend changing the home’s air filters at least every three months, but homeowners may need to replace them sooner if they have pets or people with allergies living in the house. 

Utility Costs Could be a Signal

For most homes, the heating and cooling system is the greatest energy hog, accounting for about half of the overall energy bills. During the summer and winter, when temperature control is most used, utility bills can skyrocket. Fortunately, there are simple methods to save money on energy bills while still feeling warm and cozy this fall and winter.

Drafts can drastically affect every homeowner’s power bill. Professionals can seal air leaks with caulk and weatherstripping. If drafts are suspected due to higher-than-average utility bills, homeowners should inspect the weatherstripping and seals around their windows and doors. They should also check the attic and basement since these frequently conceal the most significant air leaks. Homeowners should have a professional replace any damaged or missing weatherstripping and apply new caulk to any broken seals, which will drastically reduce heat losses and save homeowners money.

Another energy-saving tip is to install a smart thermostat. Wi-Fi-equipped smart thermostats automatically change temperature settings for maximum energy savings. These devices remember homeowners’ habits and preferences and create a schedule that regulates the temperature automatically. A smart thermostat should be seen as an investment that will help save money on energy bills.

About JR Putman Heating & Air

JR Putman Heating & Air is a family-owned and operated company serving the Greater Sacramento Area since 1981. They offer same-day services, no overtime rates, and a membership plan with many perks, including two free HVAC system maintenance checks. Call them today for heater repair and maintenance in Sacramento, CA.