Save Money on Energy Bills This Fall For Holiday Shopping!

How to Save Money on Energy Bills 

The holidays are coming, so it’s important to save on energy bills to put money towards something enjoyable, like gifts for the family! Luckily, there are several ways to save on energy bills. These energy-saving tips can also be extended outside of the holidays to help homeowners save money year-round. 

These tips include upgrading to a programmable thermostat, changing air filters on time, and scheduling routine HVAC system maintenance. This article will detail these tips in more depth so that homeowners can start saving immediately.

Tip 1: Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

thermostat One of the most efficient ways to save on energy bills is to upgrade to a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats allow homeowners to make heating and cooling schedules and change the thermostat from their smartphones. These devices have features that allow for high energy bill savings for the entire household. 

One of the most useful functions of some programmable thermostats is a light that will let homeowners know when an air filter change is needed. Knowing when to change a filter will be extremely helpful in reducing home energy bills. Another functional component of some programmable thermostats is a system malfunctioning indicator light. 

If a system malfunctions, it will waste energy, and higher energy bills will occur. That’s why these lights help homeowners avoid high energy bills. The technology within the thermostat can also sense the time needed to reach a given temperature to save on energy bills. 

Tip 2: Replace Air Filters On Time

filter Changing air filters is one of the easier maintenance tasks homeowners must keep up with to save on energy bills. These need to be changed at least every three months so that proper airflow goes through a household. If these aren’t changed regularly, dust and other particles can get stuck in the filter, making it work overtime and waste energy. 

Higher energy bills will occur when a system works harder because of a clogged or dirty filter. There are several other benefits to regularly changing air filters, but saving money on energy bills is reason enough! 

Tip 3: Schedule Routine Maintenance 

Another way to save on energy bills is to ensure that the HVAC system receives routine maintenance from a qualified technician. Regular maintenance will ensure fewer system breakdowns, greater efficiency, a longer system lifespan, and healthier air. 

Most of these benefits will lead to money savings, but the improved efficiency will also lower energy bills, giving homeowners more money to spend for the holidays. HVAC maintenance is typically recommended twice a year. Once for the air conditioner in the spring and once for the heater in the fall, so it’s time for heating system maintenance before temperatures drop. 

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