Don't Let an Overheating Furnace Terrify You This Halloween

Furnace Overheating? Prevent a Fire With Expert Tips

There are a lot of terrifying situations homeowners expect to encounter as Halloween nears. An overheating furnace is not one of them. However, if this happens, it can be scarier than any haunted house a property owner walks through this season.

An overheating furnace can result in fire and even a gas leak, putting the household at risk. While this is a frightening reality homeowners may face when their heating system is in use, it can be prevented, caught, and repaired before dangers occur. Here, furnace contractors provide tips on the symptoms of an overheating furnace that property owners can watch for and ways to prevent it from overheating. 

Dangers an Overheating Furnace Can Cause

There are some risks to using a furnace to keep a house warm all fall and winter. One of the most dangerous is an overheating furnace. If a furnace overheats, furnace fires, and carbon monoxide leaks that cause carbon monoxide poisoning can occur. These can be deadly threats to households, so they should be avoided at all costs. 

As carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas, it can cause harm to family members before the household notices its presence. In addition to these threats, property owners might notice increasing utility bills as the furnace runs more than is necessary and a reduced lifespan on the system as it endures more wear and tear.

Signs of an Overheating Furnace to Watch For

bad smell To protect their household, homeowners need to identify the symptoms of a furnace overheating so they can schedule repairs as soon as possible. There are some obvious symptoms homeowners are likely to notice first, including burning smells coming from the furnace and strange noises like humming. 

Other signs homeowners can watch for that indicate an overheating furnace include if the system automatically shuts down to allow the furnace to cool down and prevent damage before restarting or when the furnace shuts off and won’t turn back on by itself. 

Prevent an Overheating Furnace With Expert Tips

air filter While an overheating furnace can be dangerous for households, there are ways homeowners can help prevent it from happening. These steps include:

  • Schedule yearly furnace maintenance to clean parts of the system to remove dirt and debris, check for defects, and make minor repairs before any problems get worse.
  • Perform air filter replacement every 1 to 3 months to ensure they are clean and air can properly flow through them.
  • Get furnace replacement when necessary, as a furnace overheating may be due to its age. 

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