Why Homeowners Should Consider Early Fall HVAC Maintenance

Get a Jump on the Fall Rush by Getting Maintenance Now

Though the temperatures outside are still hot, planning ahead for a home’s heating system is never a bad idea. Even if a household doesn’t use the heater for weeks, getting maintenance done sooner rather than later will guarantee the heater’s readiness for the first colder days of the season.

Why A Home’s Heating System Needs Maintenance

benefits Things tend to fall apart over time when neglected, including appliances such as heating systems. Maintenance is an important part of keeping air conditioners and heaters working, but there are several specific reasons to keep up with HVAC maintenance. Benefits of heating maintenance include:

  • Lengthens Lifespan: Professional maintenance means that a machine or system lasts longer than it would without professional attention.
  • Maintaining Efficiency:  A well-maintained system is more efficient, keeping the home warmer with less work.
  • Money-Saving: Perhaps the cost of a professional maintenance visit seems too high, but spending that money will prevent more expensive repairs later, prevent premature replacement and will keep the system running efficiently, saving money on energy bills.
  • Catching Issues Early: Routine maintenance can prevent a system breakdown by catching potential issues early on and replacing worn-out parts before the damage worsens. 

Tasks Involved in Professional Heating Maintenance

filter What exactly happens when a technician is maintaining the HVAC system? There are many tasks that a professional will do, but one of the first ones is checking the air filters. They need to be replaced at least every three months to keep the system working at peak efficiency. There is a filter on the unit itself and in the intake vent that may need to be changed. As long as a homeowner has access to the proper replacement filter, this is a job they can do themselves. There are many other aspects to heater maintenance, including:

  • Cleaning ductwork
  • Cleaning and checking heat source 
  • Checking the tightness of fuel connections (for natural gas or propane)
  • Cleaning condenser/compressor (for heat pump)
  • Checking thermostat connection and function
  • Inspecting and tightening electrical connections
  • Cleaning and oiling blower
  • Cleaning coils

Isn’t September Too Early for Scheduling Maintenance?

There are many reasons to schedule heater maintenance early. First, the HVAC company will be less busy during this time because most people wait until Fall for heater maintenance. It will be much easier to schedule the visit at a convenient time. 

Secondly, suppose heater maintenance is done early. In that case, the household will be ready to turn the heater on as soon as the first cold front comes around instead of worrying about whether or not it’s prepared after sitting unused for so long. Scheduling maintenance early means one less thing to be concerned about as fall and winter approach. 

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