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A Few Reasons To Join An HVAC Service Club

Whether you have a brand-new HVAC system or one that has been in your home for years, regular maintenance is important. A professional that looks over and maintains the system regularly will ensure that it is running at top efficiency to save money.

One way to ensure you don’t forget to have the system serviced is to buy a maintenance agreement, sometimes called a service club or service agreement. When you are part of this plan, the company keeps track of your maintenance schedule and contacts you to let you know when it’s time for a service.

When you buy a service agreement, you make monthly payments to the company. These payments will cover the cost of routine maintenance and provide a discount on parts and labor for any other repairs needed. Here are a few more benefits you receive when you are part of a service club.

Priority Service

As a service agreement holder, you will always receive special treatment. Any maintenance or repairs you need will be done quickly. When you call the company, your work will go to the top of the list. You won’t have to wait around for an opening or for all the other jobs to be completed before the technicians can get to you.

Financial Savings

HVAC companies offer lower routine maintenance service prices to people who join their service club because they can count on the income every month. The company knows it will get money from their service agreements, even when business is otherwise slow.

As a service club member, you will also receive discounts on all other work. Of course, because the system is being serviced as it should be, the technicians will notice small problems and fix them before they turn into something major. Small problems are always less expensive to fix.

Paying the service club fee monthly means you will not have to come up with a larger amount of money to pay for maintenance. When things are financially tight at your home, it can be easier to come up with a small monthly payment than the larger amount to have the system serviced.

System Familiarity

When you have the same service technician taking care of your HVAC system each season, they become familiar with the unit. This means the technician is more likely to notice if something is wrong or about to go wrong. They will take notes on any peculiarities or work done so they will know what they are looking at in the future.

In addition, having a complete record of what has been done to your HVAC system ensures that the technician will not waste time trying to fix a problem with a solution that did not work the first time. This will save you both time and money.

Sometimes, as a system ages, it develops problems that occur regularly. When you have a maintenance agreement, the technician will know immediately what is going on and be able to fix it. Quite often, all it takes is a call to tell them that the routine problem is happening again, and they will be there with the parts and tools to take care of it that day.

Think of an HVAC service agreement as having a primary care physician for the system. You will find that the system runs more efficiently when properly and regularly cared for. An added benefit is that you and the service company will become more comfortable and familiar with each other.

Contact JR Putman Plumbing, Heating and Air to ask about our service club. In addition to having a well-running HVAC system, you will also be contributing to the Make-a-Wish foundation. We work hard to take good care of our community.

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